ONE announces US $2.4M contract, leveraging Samsung and Microsoft partnerships

Today Oneview Healthcare (ASX:ONE) announced a material new 5 year contract for 235 hospital beds worth $2.4M USD, with USA based hospital Kingman, using ONE new cloud offering, as the first deal under the Microsoft co-sell agreement AND using Samsung tablets.

Vonex Integrates $31M Direct Business into its Operations

Today, VN8 provided an update on the integration of its latest and largest acquisition — the $31M Direct Business purchased from MNF Group, the integration is progressing well as the companies combine into one - and the growth announced today is impressive.

Cheers! ASX Stock Uncorking China’s Fast Growing Wine Market

We all know Australians love a drink. It used to be beer that was the staple of the great Australian barbeque, but that has slowly been usurped by wine – which is now drunk by 45.1% of the population compared with 37.6% who still love to blow the froth off the top of an amber ale.

New ASX Listing: This Company Saves Human Lives with Next-Gen Marine Technology

In the wonderful world of Technology, it’s often glitzy smartphones, ultra-thin screens and viral apps that gain all the attention from consumers and investors. However, a common complaint from tech-savvy investors is that many of today’s bright tech ideas do not go far enough in solving real world problems or resolving existing inefficiencies.

ASX Tech Company: 500 Bucks to $11M Market Cap

This company is making cash from creating online video reviews and then charging subscription fees to clients to display them on its tech platform – laying the foundations of a full spectrum service that could see it become a one-stop shop for reviews, bookings and payments to the millions of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) around the globe.

Silicon Valley: ASX Tech Play Backed by Microsoft

In the 90’s people laughed when certain tech entrepreneurs said that one day every company would have a website. And no one believed that in the late 2000’s, tiny powerful smart phones would be in everyone’s pockets – allowing business to be done from anywhere at any time.

ASX Company to Supply to World’s Smart Phone Makers?

There is one thing people really want from their smart phone – a scratch resistant screen. Smart phone makers are clamouring over themselves in a race to develop the strongest, brightest and most scratch resistant displays they can.

ALA Building Silicon Valley Tech Investment Empire

Applabs Technologies (ASX:ALA) is steadily building a tech investing empire before our eyes… ALA, currently capped at just $11M, have unleashed a wide range of tech investment strategies over the past few weeks, all with a view to turn some simple ideas into big dollars.

Revenue Up 94% for Cashed Up Shoply… 250% Growth This Quarter?

Cash revenues for SHP are up 94% to $0.93 M from the same time last year – all from Aussie online shopping. Two new online retailers Warcom and Your Home Depot have been secured and are pumping revenue onto the books.

ASX Tech Junior: Final Nail in the “Bricks & Mortar” Retail Coffin?

Online retail spending in Australia has just passed $15 billion. $15BN – all of it spent with the click on a computer mouse or a tap on a smart phone or tablet – and that $15BN represents just under 7% of Australia’s total retail sales.

ALA Locks in Silicon Valley Partnership with Tech Heavy Hitters

One of our stable of tech companies just entered Silicon Valley. The zone in southern California that is ground zero for the digital revolution sweeping the globe and making untold billions of dollars.

App Maker ALA Cashed Up with Imminent Global Product Launches

They say money can’t buy happiness. Maybe… But the brain boxes running Applabs Technologies (ASX:ALA) are grinning from ear to ear right now after it just completed an equity raising that was significantly oversubscribed.

Global Waste Crisis Solved? ASX Company Invents Astonishing Technology

This is really happening… right NOW. This is NOT science fiction. A tiny ASX listed company has invented and patented cutting edge technology that converts common household garbage into renewable energy AND valuable organic fertiliser.

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