KNM Expands into Global Markets as Early Revenues Accelerate

Sep 21, 2016

In a market soon to be worth $2.3BN, KNeoMedia (ASX:KNM) is gaining traction around the world with its varied learning and education platforms. Positive announcements have flowed evenly to the market since we last covered KNM. Revenues have started to come in with $55,000 generated in Q4 of 2016, up from the previous quarter’s total of $7,000, showing that the company is headed in the right direction.

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Client Growth Up 20% as VPC Furthers Global Ambitions

Sep 06, 2016

2016 has been a transformational chapter in the life of Velpic (ASX:VPC) and its shareholders. The company is beginning to make a significant dent in the LMS market with its learning management software solutions. Just think about the amount spent on the market and you get a clear indication of just how potent VPC could be.

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Innovation Award Finalist FBR One Step Closer to Construction Tech Roll-Out

Aug 22, 2016

Futurist George Orwell envisioned that humans would become more like machines and machines would become more like humans. Whilst Orwell was correct to some degree, we seem to be coming to the crossroads where eventually machines could outperform humans and free them from monotonous labour tasks. Take the construction industry for instance.

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SAS Continues to Hit Major Milestones as it Readies Itself for Satellite Launch

Aug 19, 2016

Commercial space travel is well and truly moving into the mainstream – and Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) is one of the few ASX-listed plays, maybe the only one, with exposure to the…space. According to a recent report from Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants, commercial space activity now comprises 76% of the total global space economy.

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New ASX RegTech Play Aims to Put the Brakes on Cybercrime

Aug 15, 2016

‘Who are you – I really wanna know’ – not just the lyrics of the famous Pete Townshend song, but also the opening theme song of popular television series CSI. However, more importantly they are the words on the lips of every employer, and one recently listed ASX tech company is here to help organisations in determining not just who is on the payroll, but what their true identity is and their real background.

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New ACU Partnerships Turbo-Boost Growth – Revenue to Follow?

Aug 12, 2016

Since the last time we checked in with Activistic (ASX:ACU), it has managed to form partnerships which could see it (in a roundabout way) endorsed by everyone from celebrities such as Chris Pratt and Meryl Streep, to potential First “Bloke” Bill Clinton.

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CM8 to Expand into $1 Trillion Chinese Market with Successful Q&A Apps

Jul 29, 2016

What if you could monetise a question? People ask questions all the time – and have millions stored away for appropriate moments. It’s why Google is a little company you may have heard a bit about. Yet as Google has grown, it has paradoxically become difficult to find a legitimate source of information, and even harder to find information which takes into account your own personal circumstances.

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DTX Now Lovestruck via Match Made in Heaven: Strong Growth Continues

Jul 27, 2016

With an eye to conquer the Asian dating market, DateTix (ASX:DTX) is now venturing into acquisitions of other proven and complementary online dating platforms to rapidly accelerate its commercial growth and geographic footprint. It is an approach similar to the one taken by the $5.1B Match Group, which has bought up sites such as Tinder in its strategy to acquire rapid-fire dating apps.

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SM8 Scores a 10 at J-Bay Surf Open

Jul 18, 2016

Fears of repeat shark attacks have ravaged some coastal communities, but thanks to a team of Aussie specialists, the (peaceful) fightback is underway. Shark Mitigation Systems (ASX:SM8) has just debuted on the world stage its Clever Buoy sonar technology, a unique technology that detects sharks before they can cause any harm to humans.

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IVO Bags $500k Deal with $4M in the Pipeline

Jul 11, 2016

In the modern digital age, information is one of the most valuable commodities sought out in the public and private sector. Capturing customer and market data allows businesses to accurately forecast, plan and execute their corporate strategy – that’s why the Big Data market is worth billions of dollars globally, and growing every day.

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IOT Group Goes OTT as Selfie Drone is Just Days Away from Release

Jul 01, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is capturing everyone’s imagination and re-emphasising the endless possibilities offered by limitless connectivity. One company we’ve been tracking, is not only talking the talk about the IoT revolution — it’s walking the walk and already commercialising its IoT-based products.

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SAS Set for Take-off with Virgin Galactic Along for the Ride

Jun 30, 2016

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far way… there was a planet called Earth. Upon it, inhabited billions of talented and highly able individuals from whom arose a few chosen men of intelligence and understanding of the cosmos. Humanity invented, built and launched its first global satellite for the benefit of all mankind, in Earth-year 1957.

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Global Security Forces Scrambling to Defend Against Drones: This ASX Stock has a Solution

Jun 27, 2016

Total spending in the drone market is set to reach $100BN in the next five years. With the proliferation of drones comes another substantial and soon to be booming market, as yet unconquered, and basically wide open. The ‘counter’ drone market, which has sprung up to combat the rise of drones used for nefarious means.

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ASX Robot Tech Set to Build Houses 10 x Faster than Normal

Jun 23, 2016

When it comes to seeing a Tech stock thrive, there is usually one prerequisite for success. Technology has to solve a problem, rather than provide a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. It seems that one company we’ve come across, has taken this problem-solving mantra and quite literally up-scaled it to the size of a house.

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New ASX Listing: Social Media Platform Partners with Microsoft. No, it’s Not LinkedIn

Jun 17, 2016

Microsoft just bought the social media platform LinkedIn for US$26.2 billion in cash. Aside from LinkedIn, there is also an up and coming ASX listed social media platform that the corporate tech giant is working with…

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VPC’s Sales Pillars All in Place: Now Gearing up for Global Tilt

Jun 16, 2016

What do Atlassian and Xero have in common? These two brands are the best and brightest cloud success stories currently out there. Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) is a $5.2BN-capped, cloud-based project management platform, which allows corporates to execute projects just that little bit faster and more efficiently.

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Ready to Launch: ASX Stock Set for Blast Off

Jun 07, 2016

A company that may actually make the world a better place for the poorest regions on earth would pique the interest of any investor… especially when said company is attempting to initially provide cheaper data, voice, and instant messaging services to over 4 billion people.

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Rivalling Tinder in the App Store: DTX Launches in China

May 26, 2016

Hong Kong tech company DateTix (ASX:DTX) has started its push into one of the largest – if not the largest, online dating markets in the world. We’ve had our eye on DTX for a while – watching as it used its local Hong Kong market as the base to test and learn, before moving onto […]

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