Zyber Holdings Ltd

With cybersecurity now a major issue, corporations are pouring more and more resources into protecting themselves from hackers and privacy attacks.

With this rise in awareness, has come a rise in cybersecurity solutions.

One fast moving junior with a cutting edge point of difference in the cyber solution market is Zyber Holdings Ltd (ASX:ZYB).

ZYB offers a holistic approach to fighting cybercrime and in recent times has strengthened its position in the industry through significant partnerships and deals.

Most recently ZYB confirmed an option agreement to fully acquire ‘Iota Security’ – a Canadian security software developer focused on mobile security solutions, and the Internet of Things.

With security products based on machine learning, Iota Security can rapidly identify new and emerging attacks against mobile devices.

The deal not only gives ZYB new revenue opportunities, but also a foothold in the rapidly expanding Internet of Things security market – set to grow to US$28.6 billion annually by 2020.

Remember though, that ZYB is still an early stage play and caution is advised if considering this stock for your portfolio.

ZYB is working hard to claim its share of the multi-billion dollar cybersecurity pie…

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