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Sector Entry Price $ Current Price $ Current Return Highest Price $ Highest Return
Telecommunications $ 0.1400 $ 0.2600 86% $ 0.2800 100%


Vonex Limited (ASX:VN8) is an Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions. The company has a target audience of over 2.37 million SMEs in Australia, with a goal to connect them simply, efficiently and affordably. Vonex’s national and award-winning Channel Partner network has been key to its rise.

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Vonex Limited - Why we have invested

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$31M ASX Small Cap Telco Posts $16.7M Annual Recurring

$31M ASX Small Cap Telco Posts $16.7M Annual Recurring

Recurring revenue, facilitated by the acquisition of 2SG, has provided Vonex with forward earnings predictability. The 2SG acquisition cannot be underestimated, having provided Vonex (ASX: VN8) with substantial sales momentum.

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