Fastbrick Robotics ( ASX:FBR )

The global brick laying market is worth around $100-200BN, but there are cracks appearing in this sector’s wall as a major shortage of bricklayers drives up wages and causes labour inefficiencies.

The sector is ripe for a savvy building technologist to step in with game changing technology and Fastbrick Robotics’ (ASX:FBR) Hadrian X machine, which can lay 1000 bricks per hour, may be the solution.

The Hadrian X is a fully automated robot brick layer, designed to build an entire house in two days – compared to 3-5 weeks using manual labour. That’s time, cost and labour savings that could drastically change the industry.

FBR plans to begin building its first homes in Australia in the third quarter of 2017, and manufacture about 8000 of its Hadrian robots over the next decade.

The usefulness of FBR’s technology recently caught the attention of the Government of Western Australia, as FBR was selected as a finalist in the WA innovator of the Year program in the Emerging Innovation Category.

FBR continues to receive positive publicity and the next step in the company’s journey is to scope out potential partners for distribution and manufacturing, and generate investor and media interest in the US.

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FBR is now moving beyond prototype stage to deliver its commercial reality, with the fruits of its labour expected to be seen in Q3 2017 when this $25M capped company plans to begin building its first homes in Australia.

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