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Oneview Healthcare plc (ASX: ONE) is our 2021 Tech Stock Pick of the Year.

ONE is a health tech company that provides hospital patients a “virtual care and digital control centre” at their bedside to deliver the best possible patient experience during their stay.

ONE’s technology allows a single touch screen at your hospital bed where you can:

  • Have virtual consultations with relevant medical specialists - local and from around the world
  • Control all aspects of your room (bed, lighting, temperature)
  • Order food, watch movies, get a nurse’s attention (think airline business class screens),
  • Interact with tailored rehab, education and training videos for YOUR health situation
  • Monitor your health outcomes - doctors and nurses have better info on you.

ONE has a partnership in place with Microsoft, and a distribution agreement with Samsung.

How ONE makes money

ONE is a software platform sold as a yearly license fee per hospital bed.

ONE’s technology is currently used in 9,259 hospital beds around the world, including three of the top 20 hospitals in the USA.

ONE currently has $7.85M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) - and is projecting 45% total revenue growth this year.

The company raised $8.75M in November 2020.

Why we invested

  • Recurring revenue growth: ONE operates a subscription software model, with multi-year contracts and continued Year on Year growth
  • Attractive valuation: Low enterprise value compared to recurring revenue. At 12 March 2021, the company had a market cap of $33.4M. ONE had A$10.46M in the bank at 31 December 2020.
  • Moving to the cloud: ONE expects to transform to a full SaaS platform soon, which will shorten sales and implementation cycles, and deliver an improved customer experience.
  • Revenue outlook: ONE is getting positive feedback from existing and prospective customers. Management expects 2021 revenues to maintain the positive momentum from H2 2020.
  • COVID-19 tailwinds: The global pandemic has demonstrated the need for new virtual models of care - highlighting the importance of bedside technology such as ONE’s.

Useful Links

ONE’s Investor Presentation from November 2021

ONE’s Preliminary Financial Report for FY2020

Upcoming catalysts

  • Full SaaS platform anticipated in the coming weeks, including Cloudbreak partnership for video medical interpretation
  • Numerous Customer expansions & extensions - for example, NYU enterprise wide deployment planned for all 2,600 beds in 2021 and early 2022
  • New business contract wins
  • Continued strong financial performance.

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