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Mar 03 2020
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ASX-listed chemicals company Alexium International (ASX:AJX) specialises in the manufacturer of flame-retardant chemical compounds for application onto synthetic materials. It develops environmentally-friendly flame retardant chemistries for many fabrics, including synthetic-rich fabrics, in the textile industry. It also creates custom solutions that yield “exceptional FR (flame retardant) performance and provide any other fabric characteristics that are required for end-use application. Alexium currently sells three series of chemistries that can be customised depending on the material it will be bonded onto.

Why we have invested...

  • Total Mattress Cooling Systems
    • AJX is commercialising its TMCSs where Alexicool® textile and foam produts are integrated throughout.
  • ICL agreement
    • AJX has a supply evaluation agreement with major chemical company, ICL.
  • Soft-Tex supply agreement and partnership
    • Exclusive supply agreement and innovation partnership with industry leading Soft-Tex.
  • US military applications
    • Production scale testing on fabrics for uniforms with Pine Belt, a leading US military uniform provider.
  • New Phonon technology
    • With its expensive debt cleared, AJX is back on track as a high growth performance chemicals company.
  • Strong US bedding market
    • Sales in the US and bedding market have been strong this year, with a positive impact on consumer spending in this segment due to COVID-19.

Research Reports

31 July 2020: "Multiple pathways to success in huge addressable market"

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Our Portfolio Performance from January 1st to March 31st 2020

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