GGL Signs More Multi-Million Dollar Contracts: Adds $60BN PayPal as a Partner to mobileDEN

May 4, 2017

The rise of FinTech and digital transformation services has been rapid in recent years as a peloton of newcomers enter the sector, all supplying internet-ready, mobile-centric cordless technology to improve people’s lives. So, it comes as warm comfort to discover a stock that’s an old hand at introducing bright tech ideas. Operating since the mid-’90s, the Gruden Group (ASX: GGL) has a solid history in the world of digital transformation, working with both enterprise and government clients.

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CL8 Accelerates Growth: 265% Increase for UberX Rentals

Apr 20, 2017

Collaborate Corporation (ASX: CL8) looks to be experiencing more momentum than a Subaru rally car on a flat track to the finish line. There are several reasons for this, most notably is the acceptance of the sharing economy as a new way to do business and live life in general – think industry leaders Uber and Airbnb, which are now household names.

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ASX Stock Pedalling its Way to the Top in a $58BN Market

Apr 11, 2017

The safety of cyclists is of paramount importance, especially since riding a bike has slowly transitioned from a sporting pursuit to a lifestyle choice. Through this increasing prominence of pedal power, businesses in the industry have experienced booming sales.

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A Breath of Fresh Air: ASX MedTech Company on Cusp of Sales

Apr 10, 2017

Asthma kills. We’re not here to stoke fear, but it’s no exaggeration that the consequences can be catastrophic if asthma is not adequately monitored and proactively treated. Asthma sufferers have sensitive airways which react to a wide and varied range of emotional, physiological and environmental triggers. Once triggered, an asthma attack involves inflammation of the lining of the airways, the tightening of muscles around the airways, and the excess production of mucus.

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QFY’s Smart City IoT Play: China Investing $300BN Over Next 10 Years

Apr 5, 2017

Cities are only getting smarter – and it’s all due to companies creating intelligent IoT solutions designed to make work, life and play much easier. In China, total smart city investment over the next 10 years will be RMB 2 trillion (approximately US$300 billion) and one Australian company could be set to become a part of this evolution.

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Cheers! ASX Stock Uncorking China’s Fast Growing Wine Market

Mar 9, 2017

We all know Australians love a drink. It used to be beer that was the staple of the great Australian barbeque, but that has slowly been usurped by wine – which is now drunk by 45.1% of the population compared with 37.6% who still love to blow the froth off the top of an amber ale.

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IoT meets ‘Intelligent Buildings’ in New ASX Listing

Mar 8, 2017

One illuminating tech stock has just listed on the ASX, and it wants to make our buildings smarter. In 2015, $700BN was spent on Internet of Things (IoT) devices – the only problem is, unlike the internet, the world of the Internet of Things is much more complex, with difficulties in adoption and understanding.

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