The IOT Group (ASX: IOT)

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By now we have all heard of the Internet of Things. From smart watches to smart fridges and the way our homes are connected, the Internet of Things has changed the way people walk, talk, buy and even fly.

So it is no surprise that many tech companies are entering the space with the next big potential gadget that could change lives further.

Enter the IOT Group (ASX:IOT), who have potentially the next big gadget of their own: the flying selfie camera.

The ROAM-e selfie camera is a highly anticipated consumer drone that is in its final testing stages with Chinese manufacturing partner AEE now gearing up for production in Q3 in anticipation of global orders.

A ROAM-e sales presentation is being delivered to US based Big Box retailers in the coming weeks in New York and IOT Group already has indicative orders of over 440,000 units globally expected to be delivered before Christmas this year.

That’s on top of revenues it already receives from the sale of its range of smart watches.

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In addition to its consumer focused IOT business, the company’s subsidiary, OTT Premium, which delivers Over the Top (OTT) television and internet services, has just signed an exclusive Asia Pacific licensing agreement with a tier 1 OTT solutions supplier, in a market in which revenue is expected to triple across the Asia Pacific reaching US$18.4 billion in 2021.

It is all systems go for IOT Group and with the pending release of the selfie drone, it could be about to take a bird’s eye view of the Internet of Things market.


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