Shark Mitigation Systems (ASX: SM8)

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As we head into a long hot summer, water safety is front and centre of public discussion as tens of thousands of people head to the beach.

From teaching kids to swim, to avoiding shark attacks, there are so many variables in water safety that it’s worth considering all ideas, technologies and products that make the waters safe.

Since June this year Shark Mitigation Systems (ASX: SM8) has been trialling two products designed to detect the presence of sharks and the company is now beginning to see substantial uptake of its water safety solutions.

Western Australian beach goers could consider themselves a bit safer after the state government instated SM8’s Clever Buoy sonar shark detection system at City Beach in Perth for the summer.

The State of WA’s endorsement and validation, following validation by the NSW government, of SM8’s technology, could put it in the frame for adoption by other state governments as the company looks at further roll-out in the New Year.

Meanwhile, as the Clever Buoy technology attracts state government interest, SM8’s disruptive colouration technologies known as SAMS™ has also garnered enormous attention.

SAMS™ technology can be found in the design of wetsuits and surfboards and trials conducted by the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute have shown that from more than 111 shark encounters, those wearing SAMS™ technology were 400% more likely to avoid a shark attack.

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Trials of SM8’s technology have been all been positive this year and with research, technical data and government backing behind them, SM8 is now looking to further boost its commercial ambitions and become the go-to name for shark mitigation technologies.


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