Dyesol (ASX: DYE)

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From battery technology to solar roof panels, the energy paradigm has shifted towards clean energy solutions and given rise to smartly led companies looking for an edge in alternative energy markets.

Dyseol Limited (ASX: DYE) manufactures perovskite solar cell (PSC) materials, the next generation solar technology and PV panels.

The 2016 World Economic Forum ranks Perovskite Solar Cells in its top 10 emerging global technologies – and DYE is leading the way in R&D and commercialisation of this technology.

DYE is currently working on a Major Area Demonstration (MAD) solar panel prototype, that can rival if not surpass Tesla’s attempt at revolutionising the solar roof market, through superior, cost effective PV technology.

While Tesla makes big claims, yet to be substantiated, DYE is quietly working in the background to ensure it delivers a product that has the best and most efficient materials at the most cost effective price.

DYE continues to tick off key milestones as it heads into 2017, and is on track to mass produce and commercialise its PSC solar power technology.

DYE will further collaborate with the CSIRO, who just happens to be the company’s fourth largest shareholder, to improve and enhance PSC technology. It hoped that this relationship with open up further government funding as the world begins to invest heavily in this technology.

DYE will also be commencing the €4 million EU funded GOT Solar project in 2017, focused on the commercialisation of its steel substrate products which it is developing in Manchester, UK and at Solliance in The Netherlands.

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Having recently been named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s Top Five Innovative companies, DYE is gaining serious traction as it moves towards commercialisation.

DYE has come on in leaps and bounds in 2016 and as it turns towards commercialisation, 2017 could be the year that it really turns the solar industry on its head.


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