Crowd Mobile (ASX: CM8)

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How do you attract millennials to buy your products or services? One revenue-generating way is to give them mobile-based, interactive technology solutions.

Crowd Mobile (ASX:CM8) is one revenue generating company that has cottoned onto the needs of the millennial market and develops engaging ‘mobile first’ products.

This small cap tech company is rapidly monetising an array of mobile products through its own technology platform that leverages digital marketplaces. 

There are two major revenue streams by which CM8 is currently expanding its business model, a proprietary built Q&A technology platform and a global mobile payments/distribution network.

CM8’s Q&A products serve millions of customers each month by connecting those seeking answers with those qualified to give them. In essence a person pays a small amount to connect to an actual expert from everything from law, finance to fashion who is then paid for their time.

The $30 million capped CM8 continues to launch new products and is also branching out into the global digital influencer marketplace, where it has already secured its first paying customer.

The digital influencer space is growing rapidly and sees very popular individuals with over 1 million subscribers to their YouTube/Instagram channels driving an increasingly larger portion of consumer spending.

CM8’s entry into the digital influencer market is expected to further boost its revenue generating operations as it looks to add to the $10 million it made just last quarter.

The information on this page should not be the only trigger for your investment decision. Click on the links below for a more in-depth and informed examination of the company. We strongly recommend you seek professional financial advice whenever making financial investment decisions.

As it continues to build on its revenues and quickly draw down debt, CM8 is well placed to build on its mobile-focused technology solutions and expand its reach beyond the 54 countries, 30 languages and more than 160 mobile carriers it has already partnered with.

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