Big Un Limited ( ASX:BIG )

One ASX tech story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

We are of course talking about Big Un Limited (ASX:BIG).

Plugging into two key growth stories – online video and mobile marketing – BIG is a significant early mover with international expansion plans that could eclipse what’s already been achieved in Australia.

Online video is pervading more and more of what we watch, peer-generated content is now being utilised in variety of ways, while mobile phones continue to get more sophisticated – taking video creation capabilities to the next level each and every year.

BIG not only provides its clients with a funky platform on which to market their wares, but also, is able to slash video production costs by 75%.

By offering small businesses a path to a hip online presence, BIG is building an ecosystem that rivals the likes of Trip Advisor and Yelp – both billion dollar entities at a much later stage of commercial evolution compared to BIG.

At the same time, there is simply no guarantee BIG will grow into a successful company – this is an early stage tech investment, and not without risk.

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